8 Core Principles of Pilates


Pilates Core PrinciplesConcentrate and you will relax – one of the reasons Pilates works well for stress relief is the fact that the mind has to be totally focused on the body during a session and has no room for worries. Your energy is channelled to where is needed to do the work and taken away from areas of unnecessary tension.

In a Pilates session you will be working your mind as much as your body and you will learn to sense which muscles are working.

‘Be certain that you have your entire body under complete mental control.’ – Joseph Pilates



Focusing on releasing areas of tension within the body before and during each exercise is important as it allows constructive change to occur. In doing so, the mind will also relax, as conscious though is focused purely on to the task of moving correctly.


Good alignment is the key to good stability. In Pilates you will be encouraged to recognise and improve your correct alignment throughout the whole body. This is crucial to safety and to good functional movement.

It is necessary for all of your joints to be correctly aligned in order to encourage the desired muscles to work.

‘If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.  If it is completely flexible at 60 you are young.’ – Joseph Pilates


Synchronising the breath to movements is important in mastering the Pilates Method. We will teach you how to use your breath effectively, through lateral or thoracic breathing.

Your breath can have an impact on your general sense of well being and mood.

‘Above all learn how to breathe correctly.’ – Joseph Pilates

Alison Joyce Pilates

Centring (Core stability)

This is the ability to maintain control of the pelvis, spine, shoulders and head, in order to provide a stable base of support from which all movement is begun.

Co-ordination and Balance

The process of developing co-ordination is very good mental and physical training. You will start with simple movements and gradually be introduced to more complex movements.

Flowing Movements

A focus on controlled, graceful and dynamic movement is at the core of each movement. Each movement should feel light and fluid with a focus on ease of movement, it should never feel forced.


Pilates gradually builds endurance by ensuring that the body is used effectively and efficiently. As you improve, energy is no longer wasted holding onto unnecessary tension and your stamina will develop.